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A R T .  I S .  F U S I O N

Sacred Medicine is designed by shaman turned designer Oriah Mirza, who with her husband Riz has spent the last ten years helping countless people find personal freedom, endless love, and self mastery. From their visits to many countries around the world impacted her and has inspired her to create original and authentic shamanic art that you can wear.


Designer Oriah Mirza

Modern Day Shaman Lifestyle

What is the lifestyle of a Modern Day Shaman?

You follow your dreams. You help others. You believe in yourself and others. You believe you are the Universe and you are Yourself. You love life and you believe in Oneness. You are real, healthy, vibrant and vulnerable. You are your own best friend. You understand the creative process. You give and you receive. You learn, grow and evolve. You always take the road less traveled. You are a guide, a teacher and a storyteller. Welcome to my world and I am a modern-day shaman and I would like to share my journey with you through building my fashion brand after being a shaman for ten years.


Art is Healing

When I integrated my art into my healing business I had no idea what would happen.

Welcome to the Modern Day Shaman Lifestyle! My name is Oriah. My story is that I am a mom of five, a former victim of domestic violence for many years and since my road to freedom, I have helped many women and men through trauma as a life coach and healer for ten years, guiding people through sacred journeys and retreats lead as a Shaman.


Inspired by my years traveling and taking people on healing retreats around the world, I bring what I have seen and experienced to my one-of-a-kind creations. Always pushing the envelope and by giving the wearer a feeling of love and power in art, my work has a soulful message and I believe garments can be like a superhero cape or a loving hug, it can be a cozy medium in which you can help people feel special and feel more empowered in everything they do.

Not only was I completely healed in the process of creating my fashion line, but I have continued my work as a shaman through my art.

This store will take you through the process of developing and creating your Shamanic lifestyle, your art through healing and being the Shaman you want to be or that you are. Enjoy each item available in my store so you can enjoy your new world!


Enjoy, Oriah


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 Our Team

Nikko Alburn Pattern Maker and Head Seamtress 

Niko Kin is the most fearless and precise garment and pattern maker in Los Angeles--hands down. There is no fabric that can scare this wonderful, adventurous spirit, as she jumps into new territory everyday creating unusual and fun garments from Oriah Mirza's imagination.
From Los Angeles, Niko was a former college grad turned roller derby competitor from the San Fernando Valley.
She entertains herself with her own garment choices..."I feel funny if my clothes match too well." 
She says, "My favorite part of being in downtown LA is being surrounded by so many activated creators. I love driving around the city at night with my windows down.  My passions are beauty and resonance, self discovery and expression - my own and others - art, fashion, music, people, dance, movement, yoga, writing, travel and culture. 
I hope you enjoy the love we put into every hand crafted garment that is made with love and infused with pure magic!
Thank you,

Oriah is the author of The Little Book of Sanity


and some of Oriah's earliest creations...