Sacred Medicine is designed by shaman Oriah Mirza, who with her husband Riz has spent the last ten years helping countless people find personal freedom, endless love, and self mastery. From their visits to many countries around the world impacted her and has inspired her to create original and authentic shamanic art that you can wear.

 Sacred Medicine is my new and first ever jacket line for gender neutral, men and women. From my international travels and life as a shaman I have derived a unique, one of a kind jacket line that showcases the journey within. I have infused my love and my journey with you so you may feel empowered while wearing it!

My story is that I am a former victim of domestic violence for many years and since my road to freedom, I have helped many women and men through trauma as a life coach, and have been outspoken for many years, but last year I decided to help heal people through creating garments.

Inspired by my years traveling and taking people on healing retreats around the world, I bring what I have seen and experienced to all my one-of-a-kind creations. Always pushing the envelope and by giving the wearer a feeling of love and power, my work has a message and I believe garments can be like a superhero cape, it can be a cozy medium in which you can help people feel special and feel more empowered in everything they do.

Each jacket is painstakingly hand sewn with care. You will receive your jacket in estimate about 3-4 weeks. The Rockstar jacket is quite heavy with loving luxury of design, and may take longer.

The beaded embellishments are from the Afghan Kuchi Tribes and North Indian regions. The floral textile originates from the Hmong Hill Tribe of Thailand and northern and southern India. The coins are real vintage real antique money coins.

The orders taken will be with the vintage up-cycled jacket shown. All jackets are one of a kind and the style you will receive will be very similar to the photos but not exact, and in come cases new jackets in similar cut and color and all will be delivered in a pretty box.

Enjoy, Oriah